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  • Can I just try a class?
    We offer trial classes for some of our classes. These can be scheduled in the parent portal just as if you were registering for a class, except you click the button to schedule a trial date. Fees vary by class and range from $16-$22 for a trial class. Our fee schedule can be found on our Class Tuition and Fees page of our website.
  • What does my child need for Preschool/combo class?
    For girls, you will need pink ballet shoes, pink tights, black patent mary jane style tap shoes preferrably with velcro straps, and whatever color leotard they prefer. We want them to feel their best in class. Boys wear black pants, white t-shirt, black ballet shoes and black oxford style tap shoes. We are lenient with boy's attire.
  • Do you have recitals?
    We have annual Spring recitals at the end of every school year. During the Fall season, we have in class Winter Showcase Performances. Some of our Camps do hold last day performances during the last 30 minutes before pick up to display what we learned during camp.
  • Do you have beginning classes for older students?
    We have classes at all levels for all ages.
  • Can I come by to visit?
    We do not always have an extra person sitting at the front desk and we are not always in during the day, so it is best to schedule an appointment to come tour the studio.
  • When are Dance Company Auditions?
    2024 Auditions are Aug 26th 2024 at 1pm. Please fill out the online form Dance Company Auditions | MNDA (
  • How do I register for a class?
    Click the "Register" button on the website. This will take you to our parent portal where you will enter your information and create an account. Go to view "Classes" and select the class which you want to enroll. Follow the prompts to continue to make payment. If you have any questions or don't see a class that meets your needs, please contact us.
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