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Class Curriculum

Classes are designed to be specific for the dancer's skill level and age group.

Young Ballet Class


Learn Classical American Ballet Technique such as seen in performances of Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and other time honored Ballets. Ballet is the basis for all dance and all students are encouraged to take ballet if enrolled in other dance arts classes. Technique is geared at developing (without forcing) turnout, alignment, and fluidity of movement. 

a child and a woman stretching

Mommy & Me


Little ones learn coordination, social skills, rhythm, balance, self-confidence, and of course basic dance skills while bonding with Mom. Mom gets a workout too!

Women in Dance Performance


The cousin to ballet, Modern principles call on turned in bare feet to transform the dancer into another dimension.


Improvisation is key to modern dance.

Youth Dance Group


From theater to hip hop, jazz encompasses the movement of the 21st century that we all tend to identify with pop music. Foundations of jazz are based in ballet technique, but rather than turning out, students will learn to turn in and stylize movements.

Dance Performance


The melting pot of dance, contemporary is a passionate blend of ballet, modern, and jazz. ​​​

Tap Dance Class


Make music with your feet in this all American style of dance. From early 1900's to present, tap has been intriguing youth of all ages and genders who want to shim sham or irish like the greats.

Break Dance Crew


A type of Jazz dance, Hip-hop can be found all over television and music performances these days. It's about maintaining control while appearing loose and fluid as well as dance moves that create the illusions of transforming into super humans.

Girl Stretching


Conditioning includes isolating and strengthening certain joints/muscles that are vital to dancers. Our goal is for dancers to dance correctly as to avoid injury, and conditioning is key to meeting that goal.

Yoga Stretches


Fitness designed to strengthen weakened muscles and increase range of motion to improve quality of life. This class is fun and rejuvenating and designed to give stressed or injured bodies a new lease on life.

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