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Studio Rentals

We have two large studios that are available to rent by the hour when they are not being used for our classes, events, or private lessons. Select the room best fitting for your style of dance or group size and book easily online!


Studio A - $55/hr

This space is approximately 24x34ft. Our custom Harlequin brand sprung floor and marley are state of the art to help reduce impact when jumping and help dancers have a dance surface that is not slick or sticky. No street shoes (unless solely worn in class and not used for daily wear) or high heels allowed on this floor in order to maintain it's quality. 

This room has two walls of ballet barres, one wall of mirrors, wifi speaker, dimmable lights, and colored lighting that may be used. It has great privacy with no public viewing unless the door is left open or the monitor is turned on.


Studio B - $45/hr

This space is approximately ~14x16ft). Mirrors, Marley, Monitoring system, ceiling fans, dimmable lights, and wireless speaker. This room does not have a raised floor but has yoga flooring and portable barres.

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