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Competitions give dancers the added opportunity to showcase their talents in a widely popular competition setting. The goal is to enjoy the experience, obtain feedback, challenge yourself, and gain further exposure to the Houston dance community.


Please note that there will be additional practices and fees required outside of normal class times in order to learn and 'clean' the choreography. This is a commitment that the studio, teachers, parents, and students must honor. There will also be costume and entry fees associated with each competition. We will do our best to coordinate costumes for competition and recital, but there are no guarantees that one can be used for the other. 

Fees Estimation

Competition Entry Fee Per Student ~$60 Group, $80 Duet/Trio, $100 Solo

Costume Fee Per Student Per Dance ~$65

Additional Practice Fee Per Student Per Hour ~$15 Group, $25 Duet/Trio, $65 Solo

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