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Summer Dance Camps

Registration for all Summer Camp Programs is done via our Parent Portal. Please create your profile and select MNDA as the location and you will be able to enroll in your desired Camp.

Princess Ballet Camps

Join us as we dance to our favorite princess themed songs and learn ballet and a little jazz. One small craft with each day. Wear your favorite princess dress up clothes or leotard and tutu too. Ballet shoes are preferred. Each Camp features different types of princesses and movements. Little dancers enjoy learning from teahcers dressed up as their favorite princesses!

Princess Ballet Camp 1
June 20th-22nd 2023 9:30-10:45am

Tuesday: Cinderella and her mice theme guides us to point our toes 

Wednesday: Belle of the Ball theme guides us to turn and learn spacial awareness

Thursday: Frozen theme guides us to learn arabesque and balance

Princess Ballet Camp 2
July 18th-20th 2023 9:30-10:45am

Tuesday: Ariel teaches us Port de bras
Wednesday: Jasmine teaches us jazz dance and arabesque
Thursday: Sleeping Beauty teaches us piques

Princess Ballet Camp 3
August 1st-3rd 2023 9:30-10:45am

Tuesday: Moana teaches us balance and leaps
Wednesday: Mulan teaches us grand battements and degages
Thursday: Tiana teaches us soute's and echappe's

Summer Vibes Camp

July 10th-14th 2023 9am-3pm (extended times offered for additional fees)


Let's Celebrate Summer time with dance! We'll replicate beach, pool, and sun activities in our themed classes. Kids will enjoy summer treats, crafts, and dance class in ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop and strengthening and conditioning. 

Musical Theater Dance Camp

July 24th-28th 2023 9am-2pm (extended times offered for additional fees)

Does your child seem destined for the stage? Join us for a week of musical theater simulating our beloved broadway dances.
 Ballet, jazz, Hip-hop, tap classes

 Guest teachers for acting and singing classes
 Performance on Friday
 Practice auditioning and building stage presence  
 Build confidence, gain connection, and inspire perseverance!

Musical Theater Dance Camp Ad.png

Dance Arts and Sciences Camp

August 7th-11th 2023 9am-3pm (extended times offered for additional fees)

Through experiments and games, your child will be exposed to both artistic and scientific aspects of dance such as costuming, audience influence, physics, nutritional sciences, and more! Dance Classes in ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, strengthening and conditioning, meditation and yoga.

Dance Arts and Sciences Camp Ad.png
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